Friday, February 4, 2011

Winter 2011

Wow...where to begin. Since our last post things have been a little..crazy.  So everything was going were busy with swimming, Todd was doing well at work, and Miss Morgan was growing, talking, laughing and just being CUTE.  Thats when things started going south.
After thanksgiving Morgan  started having"episodes" that looked a lot like seizures, about 6 in a week.  We got her back on her zantac, and consulted a neurologist, who ordered an MRI and EEG.  Meanwhile Todd tried to register his truck...but it didn't pass emissions.  Nevada will waive the smog test if you spend $450.00 trying to fix the problem, 2wks before christmas.....awesome.  Morgans EEG came back completely normal, and since she hadn't had any more episodes, we went to Idaho for Christmas.  Driving to Idaho we drove through the grand canyon of pot holes in Utah County. We made it to Pocatello, and woke up to a huge knot in the tire-how it didnt blow is a miracle.  So we got a new tire for christmas.
Christmas was so fun. We crashed the Haislips with all our crazieness, and diseases.  We visited friends, and family and had soo much fun.  During the week we discovered that the van needed a new timing belt-another surprise christmas present.  AND Paige ruptured her eardrum!!
So we returned to Vegas, new tire, timing belt and oozing ear drum. We got home and discovered that our computer wasn't working all.  I had thought about backing up my pics, just never did(oops).  We took Paige to the ENT who set her up with a pair of brand new tubes(belated birthday present).  We were still trying to figure out what to do about the truck, when the Saturday after we got home we were awakened by the sound of the horn in Todd's truck.  When Todd went to turn it off, he discovered someone had torn the steering colunm apart trying to steal it.  Now the truck wont even start.
So we spent a month being a one car family.  Things finally began to look up.  Morgan had her MRI, which came back COMPLETELY normal, Todd replaced the power supply and...the computer works.  Paige feels better and has not had any ear infections.  Finally, after going back and forth about the truck, and what to buy, Todd got a 2008 Honda Accord. We donated the truck to charity, cuz you get free towing and tax deduction. I think we are due for a little rest, or at least a deep breath.
Just a quick little side note-I took the kids swimming, and Todd took the tires off the truck, thinking he had sold them.  He just put the truck on blocks(hillbilly-ish), and while taking the spare tire off it hit him in the head, and his head hit the concrete and knocked him out.  He called me after he came to-I LUV phone calls like that.  Then he ended up not selling the tires, and while putting the tires back on, the front of the truck fell off the blocks!!! Our neghbors are so proud! So glad we don't have an HOA:)

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

sea world and blessing

While we were in the hospital with Morgan, grandma and papa took the other kids to sea world.  Apparently they had a BLAST!!! This past weekend we blessed Morgan, grandma, papa, Jackie and her two boys made the trip to vegas,  We went to the Bellagio, and the coolest "gold man" (a real guy who acted as a statue).  The rest of the time was spent jumping on trampoline and playing in water.  Miss Morgan looked like a princess in her dress, and our 4th and final was blessed:)

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Morgan turned 1 month(2 weeks ago)!! Can't believe how big she is getting!!  She is doing great, since we have been home she has had not had any apnea episodes, she is off the apnea monitor, gets to eat more, and is sleeping longer at night!! Now we just have to work on not screaming while in the car!